Regular Routine Cleaning Service

If you are interested in our Regular Routine Service we would be happy to meet with you at your connivance.

A face to face on site meeting is normally required, so that we can see just what we will be cleaning.  This will give us the ability to give to you an accurate price for the work we will be doing.

We set up Regular Routine Service on various schedules, including weekly, every other week, and every four week rotations.  Other schedules are also possible.

The first cleaning normally costs more than the subsequent cleaning because everything is usually cleaned during the first cleaning.  After the first cleaning some items are switched on and off because they do not need to be cleaned each time.  An example of this would be baseboards and ceiling fans.

So if you would like a no obligation estimate please call 810-232-1920 to make an appointment.

You may also e-mail a request for an estimate, just click on this link and fill in the Estimate Request Form.