Company Policies For Regular Service

Our Company Policy Document is not a contract. We do not require a contact to be signed for the services we will be rendering. If a contract is required, by you the client, we will provide one.
We do need a formal agreement with our clients in the areas of Pricing, Billing, Reporting, Lock Outs, and Days Closed. Our Company Policy Document is our way of informing our clients of the policies that guide the relationship we have with our clients in the areas that are covered by it.

Pricing Policy for Routine Work

The method used to set the price for the cleaning of your home or business is “by the job”. We do not charge by the hour for routine cleaning services. By the job method gives you the assurance of a quality job at a stable price time after time. The price quoted to you is based on many factors that exist at the time the price is given. These factors include square footage of the home or business, number of rooms cleaned, number of bathrooms cleaned, type of floors, general condition and frequency of cleanings. We strive to keep prices low and stable and guarantee the price quoted will remain the same for at least one year. However, in the event one or more of the above factors change in a significant way, the price that is charged may need to be adjusted. When the client cancels a regularly scheduled routine cleaning for any reason the price charged for the next regularly scheduled routine cleaning may be higher than the price normally charged.

Billing Policy

We bill once per month after all cleanings for the month have been completed. All accounts must be paid in full within two weeks of receiving an invoice. Accounts that are not paid in full after four weeks of the invoice date will have a 2% per month interest charge added to the out standing balance. All costs associated with the collection of an over due account, such as collection agency fees and or attorney fees, will be added to the client’s account balance.

Reporting Policy

Report problems you discover with your cleaning immediately. We can only correct problems when we know they exist. If we break or damage something and are aware that we did a note will be left telling you what happened. The company will, at the discretion of the company, repair, replace or pay for any item it is responsible for breaking or damaging. An item you feel was broken or damaged by our staff must be reported to the company within 48 hours of the completion of the cleaning. If it is determined that the company is responsible we will, at the discretion of the company, repair, replace, or pay for the item.

Locked Out Policy

If we are unable to gain entry to perform a scheduled cleaning, a $25.00 “Locked Out Fee” will be added to the client’s account balance.

Days Closed Policy

We will be closed on the following days so our staff may be with their families around holiday times:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day & Friday After
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

When a holiday falls on a weekend, the weekday nearest to the holiday will become the substitute holiday and the day that we will be closed; for example, if the 4th of July falls on a Sunday, the substitute holiday will be Monday, July 5, the day we will be closed.

Residential Clients: When your normal cleaning date falls on a listed holiday or a substitute holiday, the cleaning will be canceled. If you need a cleaning for any reason you must call the office at least two weeks in advance of your regular cleaning date to request an alternate cleaning date. There will be a limited number of alternate dates available.

(Business Clients will automatically be rescheduled if necessary.)

We Will Need A Signed Company Policies Document

We must have on file a signed copy of our policy document, from the person who is responsible for payment, before we start to work for you.  We do accept faxed and e-mailed copies as well as the client coming to Our Office to sign the document, or you may mail it back as long as it arrives before we start working.

Click on the PDF below to download a copy of our policies.